Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Prince of Persia the Sands Of Times-Film

As most of you know, I have absolutely ZERO faith in any video game to movie adaptations. Having said that, the one game franchise that I always thought MIGHT have a chance at being half decent is Prince Of Persia. Not because it's a better GAME than any other the others... but because it has a much richer story line, history and plot depth than any other game (which isn't all that important when it comes to games... but it IS important when thinking about making it into a movie).

The good folks over at Cinemablend give us this little tid bit:
Now, well known screenwriter John August, who is apparently serving as an executive producer on the Prince of Persia project, has answered a few questions about the upcoming film on his blog. If you’re a Prince of Persia fan, this is probably a pretty big deal.

August confirms first off, that he doesn’t know when the movie is coming out, they don’t have a director, and no they haven’t cast anyone. Of course they don’t have a script yet, so that makes sense. But, he does confirm they are thinking about casting and that, “it would be great to find a (relatively) unknown Persian actor to play the prince.”
The article goes on to say that the movie will probably be based on "The Sands Of Time" storyline... which isn't a bad idea.

I still think video game movies are a bad idea (ie. Halo), but if any of them has a shot at being ok... it could be Prince of Persia (once again... NOT because it a better game by any stretch... but because it has richer story possibilities). We'll just have to wait and see I guess.